Introduction / Competition in the Azores

It all started when he was 19 years old. He was not the most active person in the world but he already had some interest in sports and exercise and was not a person with defined abs. They were fully aware that it took a lot of effort and dedication to make the changes palpable and visible. For those who are reading me, be aware that the process of toning the body is a time consuming, hard and intense process. As in almost everything in life, nothing is achieved without effort, and it is undoubtedly that it is this effort that makes us stronger and willing to achieve more. It took me a year to get my body as I wanted to train 3 to 4 times a day and of course, making a diet based on the goals I wanted to achieve.

I am not an apologist for radical measures that could harm our metabolism and consequently our body, but I think we have to train hard to achieve the goals. That cliché of “no pain no gain”, despite its banality makes perfect sense. It all starts with an entrance into the gym, the first few days are a bit uncomfortable because you are still “getting into the fit universe” but in most cases it becomes an addiction, and what good it was, if all the vices were so healthy like this. In another post I’ll tell you more about my entry into the world of gymnastics, and consequently on bodybuilding.

Today I will tell you a little about my work and my trip to the Azores. I’ve been in this “universe” for 11 years and since I already have some experience when there are competitions, my colleague and I are going to see if anyone has the precise requirements to enter our gym. We have a team with us professional bodybuilders and then we walk through Europe (mainly) to see competitions. At the end of October we were informed that there would be a competition in the Azores and we went there. The “Azores Championship” event was part of the national championship promoted by WABBA (World Amateur Bodybuilding Association) Portugal. The following categories were tested: Men Model; Men Fitness; Men Physique; Miss Model; Miss Bikini; Miss Shape Fitness; Classic Bodybuilding; and Bodybuilding. During the show there was also a demonstration of gymnastics.

We were impressed with the athletes and the island. We still had time to practice sport fishing at . Every sportsman has to have some leisure activity in addition to his work. My colleague and I opted to go to the sea to relax from all the tension that is experienced in these types of championships. Attention, healthy tension.

If you want to know more about what we did, you can check the photos. Here’s the link:

If you want to know more about bodybuilding and how it ended the championship wait for the next article. Also wait for some tips for those who want to start and know more about other competitions we visit.

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